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JL Blodgett builds incredibly especially extremely beautiful pools and spas.

Our Features

Customer Service

We only strive to give the best service to our customers.


Put a dream to reality.


Concrete, Pavers, Flagstone and More.


Multiple colors to choose from.

Pebble Plaster

Add some class to your dream pool.


From sleek sheer descents to rock waterfalls.


Beach entrance / Baja Reefs, Bubblers and more.


Light up your pool and yard with LED colored lighting .

and more...

We analize your project and pin point where we can save you money and still give you exactly what you're looking for.
After building as many pools as we have, we have the answers for your questions.
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We're excited about Building your Pool

For 40 Years and 2000+ customers have used JL Blodgett to Make their yard come alive.
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